The group of companies Eterna (Aeterna Gruppo), founded in 2008, is one of the leading national companies in Azerbaijan,
whose activities cover major cities and major regions of Azerbaijan. The priority direction of the Group’s activities is the import
and sale of medicines, optical and medical products, veterinary drugs and plant protection products, accessories for horticulture
and agricultural machinery.
Since its inception, the Group has established not only the import of products, but also ensured the active presence of brands
in the respective markets. The marketing department of the company promotes brands on an exclusive basis, the registration
department provides services for registration, declaration, voluntary certification:

– drugs and substances;
– veterinary drugs;
– medical products;
– means of plant protection;
– disinfectants;
– fodders for animals and feed additives;
– dietary supplements, food additives;
– perfume and cosmetic products

The specialists of the company conduct consultations on the development of preventive courses and on the correct application of
our products, by solving many other problematic issues that arise in primary care, in a medical institution, in a particular farm and pay
personal attention to each client for the complex provision of the needs of the enterprise. The unifying force of the success of the
Aeterna Group of companies is thoughtful work on solving the problems of biological safety and economic efficiency of the enterprise
and the high speed of responding to the needs of doctors, specialists and production technologists. Over the years we have established
reliable business relationships with the world’s leading and domestic manufacturers, which allows us to fully meet the needs of
enterprises in the required products. It’s convenient and profitable to work with us! The company’s goal ┬áis to enter the list of strategic
enterprises of the Azerbaijani economy.