Our Group

Aeterna Group is one of the largest multi-profile companies in the country.Each division of the group of companies independently carries out a full cycle of product introduction to the market.


– the first division of the company, was founded in 2008.This division is the key structure of the group of companies that implements import and export of products, offering individual terms of cooperation to each client.

– the second division of the company, appeared in 2010.The optical department carries out wholesale sales of optical goods and regulates its own retail networks – Vegas Optics (Premium Class)and Visus Optics (Economy Class).


is the third division of the group of companies, the date of creation is 2014.The unit carries out wholesale of veterinary products and operates the same-named network of veterinary stores.


is the fourth unit that emerged during the renaissance of the rural economy in 2015.Agro division owns farm machinery and the necessary aggregates, gardens and vegetable plantations.


– the fifth division of the group, separated and grew into an independent unit in 2016.Department stores, offer farmers seeds of different crops, agrochemicals (pesticides),fertilizers, supplies for garden and gardeners.